5 of the best mice for CS:GO

Frag out.

Image via Valve

CS:GO requires more accuracy and precision than just about any other game in esports. Having been around for eight years, the game’s lobbies are filled with highly experienced players. To go pro in the title, impeccable aim is a must.

While training plays a key role in development as a CS:GO player, it’s nearly impossible to get frags without having the right equipment, and a mouse is perhaps the most important piece of gear in assisting players with their aim.

There are tons of gaming mice on the market, and many have a plethora of attractive features. But not all of them have the right traits for playing a tactical shooter like CS:GO.

Among other things, weight, shape and responsiveness are vital aspects of a mouse if you plan on winning games of CS:GO and leading your team in kills. To make the task of buying a new mouse a little bit more simple, we’ve compiled a list of the top mice that are used specifically to play CS:GO at a high level.

BenQ Zowie EC2

Image via BenQ

The Zowie EC2 combines simplicity with performance. Featuring an ergonomic design, the five-button mouse weighs 90 grams and has a 3360 sensor. Additionally, the piece of gear had an adjustable USB port rate and DPI as well to account for any gamer’s sensitivity preferences. 

The BenQ product isn’t flashy, but it will get the job done better than just about anything else you can find, and buying one won’t break the bank either.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Image via Logitech

If you’re looking to dish out a little bit more cash, the Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse might be more up your alley. With one-millisecond wireless responsiveness and the brand’s most accurate sensor, the 80-gram mouse also has seven buttons for maximum keybinds. 

While the mouse doesn’t have as many buttons for binding as an MMO mouse might, it’ll do just about anything you’d want it to in CS:GO, and as one of the lightest mouses on the market, you shouldn’t have any trouble whipping it around your mousepad to click heads.

SteelSeries Rival Optical

Image via SteelSeries

SteelSeries’ Rival line of mouses come in a plethora of options for people looking to play just about any game, not just CS:GO. But if you’re looking to frag out in Valve’s tactical shooter specifically, they’ve got some solid options for you regardless of your budget.

As one of the less expensive alternatives on our list, the Rival 3 weighs just 77 grams and has a polling raid of 1,000 Hz and one millisecond. Meanwhile, the mouse’s six different buttons give gamers the ability to maximize their bindings without paying a bunch of money on a more expensive mouse.

Razer DeathAdder V2

Image via Razer

It’s difficult to have a conversation about peripherals without throwing Razer into the mix. Known for having a variety of products, the brand’s newest DeathAdder mouse, the V2, is an ideal model for playing CS:GO

With eight programmable buttons, the 82-gram mouse weights just a little bit more than some options, but it’s still light enough to do the trick. The mouse’s Focus+ 20K DPI optical sensor gives it some of the best responsiveness you can find on the market, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get your hands on.

BenQ Zowie FK

Image via BenQ

Similar to the EC2, the Zowie FK models share a simplistic design and feature five buttons, but where you’ll find a noticeable difference is in the mouse’s size. The FK2 weighs in at 81 grams without its cable, making it easier to move around your mousepad.

Meanwhile the mouse has buttons on both the right and left side with a symmetrical design that’s compatible with both right and left-handed players in case you game with an unorthodox set up.

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