All CS:GO teams qualified for BLAST Paris Major

Twenty-four teams will participate in what could be CS:GO's last ride.

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The BLAST Paris Major, the last Valve-sponsored event for CS:GO, will take place in May and the team list will be finalized in April. There are 56 CS:GO teams from all over the world trying to qualify for the $1.25 million tournament, but only 24 squads will earn a spot at the Paris Major.

Europe will fill most of the slots as the region has been granted 17 spots at the BLAST Paris Major, while the Americas and Asia complete the list with five and two teams, respectively. The 32 Europe teams fighting for a spot at the Paris Major have been split into two competitions, RMR A and B, while the Americas and Asia have only one tournament.

The Europe RMR A and B and Americas RMR will use the Swiss system format. In this format, teams advance after three wins and are eliminated after three losses. Only advancement and elimination matches are played as best-of-threes. BLAST likely chose this format because each one of these tournaments will feature 16 teams.

The Asia RMR, on the other hand, uses a different format. The eight teams will play in a double-elimination bracket, and the top two will make the Major.

This article is a hub for everything related to the upcoming BLAST Paris Major RMRs. You’ll find out how to watch the qualifiers, the standings for each RMR, and what teams have qualified for the last CS:GO Major of all time.

How to watch the BLAST Paris Major RMRs

The RMRs will be broadcast on YouTube, Twitch, and BLAST’s streaming platform The Europe RMR A and B and the Americas RMR will feature simultaneous matches, and you can watch them on BLAST’s secondary channels on Twitch. On top of the official English-speaking broadcast, you can follow the action in several other languages with BLAST’s partners.

BLAST Paris Major Europe RMR A standings

PlaceTeamRecordMajor status
1Natus Vincere3-0Qualified (Legends Stage)
2Fnatic3-0Qualified (Legends Stage)
3Into the Breach3-1Qualified (Legends Stage)
4Bad News Eagles3-1Qualified (Legends Stage)
5GamerLegion3-1Qualified (Challengers Stage)
6OG3-2Qualified (Challengers Stage)
7Apeks3-2Qualified (Challengers Stage)
8MOUZ3-2Qualified (Challengers Stage)
9FaZe2-3Qualified (Contenders via LCQ)
10Falcons2-3Last-chance qualifier (eliminated)
11B82-3Last-chance qualifier (eliminated)
13Virtus Pro1-3Eliminated

BLAST Paris Major Europe RMR B standings

SeedTeamRecordMajor status
1Heroic3-0Qualified (Legends Stage)
29INE3-0Qualified (Legends Stage)
3Vitality3-1Qualified (Legends Stage)
4Monte3-1Qualified (Challengers Stage)
5G2 Esports3-1Qualified (Challengers Stage)
6Ninjas in Pyjamas3-2Qualified (Challengers Stage)
7FORZE3-2Qualified (Challengers Stage)
8ENCE3-2Qualified (Challengers Stage)
9C92-3Last-chance qualifier (eliminated)
10BIG2-3Last-chance qualifier (eliminated)
11Aurora2-3Last-chance qualifier (eliminated)
12Eternal Fire1-3Eliminated
15Team Spirit0-3Eliminated

BLAST Paris Major Americas RMR standings

PlaceTeamRecordMajor status
1FURIA3-0Qualified (Legends Stage)
2paiN3-0Qualified (Challengers Stage)
3Complexity3-1Qualified (Challengers Stage)
4Fluxo3-1Qualified (Challengers Stage)
5Team Liquid3-1Qualified (Challengers Stage)
11Evil Geniuses1-2Eliminated
13Team Solid0-2Eliminated
1500 Nation 0-2Eliminated
16LOS + oNe0-2Eliminated

BLAST Paris Major Asia RMR bracket

Screengrab via Liquipedia
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