Valve confirms when the first Counter-Strike 2 Major will be

The final CS:GO Major is coming.

Photo by Adela Sznajder via ESL Gaming

The Paris CS:GO Major, which is set to take place in May, will be the final CS:GO Major played, according to the game’s developer and publisher Valve. The company also set a date of March 2024 for the first Counter-Strike 2 Major.

Valve announced the news via the CS Twitter account today, which gave many eager fans a peek earlier in the week into what the devs have planned for the launch of CS2. The release date for the new title was announced for summer 2023, so that means pro teams will have several months to practice on CS2 before the competitive cycle begins on the new game.

Fans and players had been anticipating the announcement of CS2 or something similar to it for some time before Valve officially confirmed it on March 22.

A common complaint of CS:GO over the past few years has been that it is stale, a conversation that became much louder when Riot Games’ FPS competitor, VALORANT, launched and took a chunk of avid CS:GO players, streamers, and personalities.

CS2 will feature updates to most of what the famous FPS title has had for more than a decade, which may entice former players to return to the scene or at least pay closer attention to it. Just the initial announcement and a sneak peek at an update to smoke grenades in CS2 got popular streamers like TimTheTatman, tarik, and shroud excited to hop into the game.

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