TimtheTatman’s reaction to Counter-Strike 2’s reactive smoke is explosive

Smoke isn't the savior it once was.

CS2 main title poster showing two soldiers preparing for battle.
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CS:GO has been synonymous with gaming, being the predecessor to many of the first-person shooters that players love. There have been a lot of rumblings about the next evolution of the game, initially thought to be a rumor until this morning when new features like upgraded maps and reactive smoke were revealed. Some streamers, like TimtheTatman, are having trouble keeping their cool.

In a clip recently shared on Twitter, Tim can be seen reacting to the Counter-Strike 2 announcement videos showing off the reactive smoke feature. This will make the smoke behave more realistically, including with bullets and explosions, and Tim cannot contain his pure excitement for even a second. He even has to go over the clip multiple times to show his audience and confirm what he saw.

After it’s first shown, Tim succinctly expresses his feelings by yelling out “holy shit!” before going back through the video to show his audience. What he seems to appreciate the most is a clear shot of the video where bullets can be seen flying through a clear patch in the smoke and another where an explosion briefly clears a smoke altogether.

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As the presentation states and Tim seems to agree, this simple change is likely to provide so many new options for tactical gameplay that fans didn’t expect. While this is one man’s reaction, it’s likely a microcosm of how the larger community is feeling. There does seem to be some light skepticism, but streamers like Tim and his friends will likely use this in really impressive ways.

With the game releasing sometime this summer, it won’t be long before players will be able to see their favorite streamers hop into this updated version of Counter-Strike.


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