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The best Epic Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

Epic choices of Epic Cookies

There are so many Epic Cookies to unlock in Cookie Run Kingdom that it can be overwhelming when choosing the Cookies you want on your team. 

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We will be looking at 10 particularly noteworthy Epic Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom that will make a difference in your team composition. Some of these Cookies are harder to obtain than others, so make sure to keep that in mind as we go through the list. 

The top 10 Epic Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

10) Sorbet Shark Cookie

An in game image of Sorbet Shark Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom
Sharkboy without Lava Girl. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Sorbet Shark Cookie is a cute and friendly mershark Ambush Cookie whose special Skill revolves around changing into shark form. This skill—called Shark Splash—deals extra damage to the two enemies within the affected area with the highest maximum health. 

Along with Shark Splash, Sorbet Shark Cookie also has an additional skill that can be used if players equip and upgrade Magic Candy to the character. This skill is Shark Bite, and it inflicts extra damage to the front-row enemies. 

9) Space Doughnut

An in game image of Space Doughnut from Cookie Run Kingdom
Not a Cookie, but just as sweet. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Space Doughnut is a great Charge Epic character because its special Skill, Doughnut Beam, deals damage, amps up debuffs, and reduces enemies’ defenses. 

Targets that aren’t Cookies or bosses will turn into doughnuts when hit by the beam too, which is not only fun to watch but also has a purpose as when there are 10 of these transformed doughnuts on the field, Space Doughnut will then trigger its Super Doughnut blast, which deals damage and stuns them.

8) Pomegranate Cookie

An in game image of Pomegranate Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom
A dash of fruit and a hint of evil. Screenshot by Dot Esports

One of my favorite Cookies I used a lot when I began the game is Pomegranate Cookie because she is a well-rounded Epic Support Cookie that isn’t too difficult for new players to access. 

Pomegranate Cookie’s special skill is Pomegranate Magic, which not only heals allies for 16 percent of ATK for a second every five seconds but also ups their attacks by 30 percent for seven seconds. 

7) Black Raisin Cookie

An in game image of Black Raisin Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom
Dark and brooding. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Black Raisin Cookie is an Ambush type whose sneaky skills can do a lot of damage. Her Shadow Watcher skill allows her to hide in the shadows and sneak behind the enemy line before doing a great deal of area damage. The skill does 79.7 percent damage in a single hit, making it a particularly powerful move. 

As well as her regular skill, Black Raisin also has a Magic Candy skill called Sentinel’s Strike, which adds even more critical damage to her attack while increasing the area damage she does when she succeeds in a critical hit.

6) Parfait Cookie 

An in game image of Parfait Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom
An idol in the making. Screenshot by Dot Esports

When it comes to Support type Epic Cookies, Parfait Cookie is a fantastic choice. This pop star Cookie uses her Paru-Paru-Parfait! Skill to heal her allies by 14.4 percent of ATK every second for seven seconds. She also increases the defenses of her team by 10 percent for seven seconds and increases their resistance to debuffs by 50 percent for seven seconds. 

Parfait Cookie is another character who has a Magic Candy Skill. Hers is called Sweet Melody, and it converts any excess healing into an HP shield that lasts for 13 seconds. Her other abilities from her regular skill are also enhanced. This combination of defense and healing makes Parfait Cookie a well-rounded Epic Cookie to use as your Support. 

5) Rockstar Cookie

An in game image of Rockstar Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom
Play that healing music. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Despite being one of the newer characters introduced to Cookie Run Kingdom, Rockstar Cookie has quickly become one of the best Healing Epic characters.

Rockstar Cookie has an impressive healing skill called Legend of Rock. This ability heals all allies by 17 percent every second for seven seconds, protects allies from curses for 13 seconds, and increases critical damage based on the critical boosts he has from his Toppings. When you deal five critical hits, the targeted team member will get their HP restored.

A unique feature of Rockstar Cookie’s skill is his Encore ability, which activates when he is defeated. He will provide an extra 30.9 percent healing every second for 1.8 seconds when Encore activates, but any healing received by other characters in this time will also increase by 35 percent for 10 seconds. 

4) Captain Caviar Cookie

An in game image of Captain Caviar Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom
Torpedoes ahoy! Screenshot by Dot Esports.

This Bomber-type cookie combines attack and defense, making him an effective Epic Cookie to have on your side. 

Captain Caviar Cookie’s skill is Black Shark Torpedo, where three Black Shark Torpedoes are launched at enemies. As well as causing a hefty chunk of damage, the torpedoes also lower enemy defenses and increase the team’s resistance to debuffs. 

When you use Magic Candy to upgrade his skill to Black Shark Torpedo Mk.2, the torpedoes will then cause a lot more water damage and increase the resistance to damage for teammates by 25 percent. Captain Caviar Cookie can also decrease any reflected damage that comes his way. 

3) Rebel Cookie

An in game image of Rebel Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom
A rebel without a cause. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Another Ambush Cookie, Rebel Cookie, is a strong and balanced Epic character whose special skill focuses on draining the enemy defenses to make them vulnerable. 

Rebel Cookie’s Here, There, Everywhere skill lowers the enemy defenses by -14 percent for 14 seconds, but this can be increased greatly as the ability can stack up to six times. Enemies will become vulnerable to all damage for 14 seconds. 

As well as this, Rebel Cookie also offers some supportive abilities within this skill, as he will conjure an HP shield around the team and increase their critical damage. 

When the skill ends, two decoys appear that can push away enemies with their regular attacks, offering an alternative target for enemies and keeping them at arm’s length. 

2) Crème Brûlée Cookie

An in game image of Crème Brulee Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom
Sweet but deadly. Screenshot by Dot Esports

This next Cookie is a must for those who want a strong Ranged Cookie as part of their lineup. Crème Brûlée Cookie’s special skill is Accelerando, where he deals Light damage to the enemy team while also buffing his own attacks significantly. 

Accelerando can also stack up. The more you stack, the more Crème Brûlée Cookie Pieces you can create. These pieces target enemies with the highest attack points, deal damage to those vulnerable to elemental damage, and ignore some damage resistance that enemies might stack up (though this is only possible when you have achieved the maximum amount of Accelerando stacks). 

1) Fettuccine Cookie

An in game image of Fettuccine Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom
Pasta and cookies, an odd but powerful mix. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Last but not least is the adorable pasta mummy Fettuccine Cookie, arguably one of the best Epic Cookies across all the Cookie Run Kingdom game modes. 

Fettuccine Cookie’s Unstable Fettuccine skill is both an offensive and a defensive ability, dealing damage with her large fettuccine pasta arms and lowering their attack while also giving her allies the Fettuccine Wraps buff and restoring her own health points. 

Fettuccine Cookie can ramp up her damage resistance as her health is reduced, and she can continue to help her team when she is defeated as she will become Immortal. When Immortal, she decreases the attack speed of her enemy via her Unstable Aura. But this comes at the expense of her speed and attack. The versatility of Fettuccine Cookie as a Defense character makes her an amazing choice for an Epic Cookie. 

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