Next Call of Duty: Warzone update will give player who downed enemy the kill credit

Thank you, Infinity Ward.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players won’t have to worry about thirsty teammates for long.

Infinity Ward co-design director of multiplayer Joe Cecot explained last night that the next update will credit the player who downed an enemy with the kill, rather than giving it to whoever eliminates the knocked player.

“In the next title update (larger update) the person who downed will get the kill credit,” Cecot said. “The change just missed release.”

This is great news for players fed up with losing kills because their teammates prefer to finish off a downed target instead of helping with the live ones. The change should incentivize better team play and focus, a necessary component of any battle royale.

Cecot also explained that there’s a “fix in the works” for the Contracts bug that causes lag, FPS drops, and hitching.

It’s unclear exactly when the next update will go live. But judging from Infinity Ward’s previous patch dates, it’ll likely go live next Tuesday.

Warzone fans who want to stay up to date with all the battle royale’s errors can visit Infinity Ward’s Trello Tracker.