How to open bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone

The bunkers provide a lot of loot to the lucky team with a red key card.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players can finally access the mysterious bunkers scattered across the map.

The bunkers contain a large amount of loot that can equip a full team with powerful weapons and items and can help turn the odds in your favor. Players need to find a red key card before accessing the bunker, however, so keep an eye out for the rare item while looting.

The bunkers around the Warzone map have piqued the interest of players since the launch of the game. Each bunker door has a keypad that players can interact with, but nothing happens when players try to access the blocked-off area. The latest update to Warzone added a rare new item, however, which grants access to the lucky player who finds it.

A new red keycard, which is needed to open bunker doors, can be found in legendary crates around the map. The keycard doesn’t spawn in every Legendary crate and is one of the hardest items to find in the game. But there are other ways to acquire a card besides looting.

Players will drop their keycard if they’re eliminated, so make sure to check all bodies for the rare item. Some teams are also camping at bunkers in case an enemy player tries to open one, which is another solid strategy to find a red keycard.

The bunkers provide a lot of loot for teams to enjoy, but they also introduce more questions than answers. There are second doors in the bunkers that remain locked and function just like the first bunker doors did before the red keycards were released. Data miners and players have already found interesting things behind the locked doors, including a nuke in bunker 11.

The second doors will likely open in future updates. But for now, focus on acquiring a red keycard and providing your team with loot.