Gordon Bicker
Gordon is a contributing writer for Dot Esports, Attack of the Fanboy, a Games Design (BA) Honours student, and a Video Game Ambassador. He has been writing at AOTF for two years, with four years of games writing experience for outlets like Green Man Gaming. When he's not busy, he'll no doubt be experiencing games, writing poetry, adventuring, or happily starting a new Skyrim playthrough! Gordon's favorite genres include action RPGs, MMORPG's, and First Person Shooters but is always experimenting with many other types of games.

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Image showcasing an XDefiant character throwing an object while neon lights shine around. There is a glitch effect which is layered across the screen and this adds to the overall impact of the image.
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An image showcasing the Proteus controller in an exploded view. Various buttons are shown outside of the controller representing the fact they can be switched around.
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Image with the player character in Animal Well on screen with a ghost trying to chase down the player in a room filled with greenery.
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Image of a player character crouching down in swampy water with an Angler charging towards her. There is a layer of fog and mist covering the water.
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Image of the SPECIAL Loadout screen in Fallout 76 with two options on show. The Fresh Dweller option starting at level two or the Battle Ready Dweller option. The screen has two Vault-boys in a variety of gear.
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Image of a player character standing with their thumbs up in the Vault Boy pose at night in front of the Whitespring Resort in Fallout 76. There are many flowers around along with banners hanging from the resorts and robots moving around.
Read Article ‘SBMM ruined this game’: Call of Duty streamers up in arms over ‘demoralizing’ skill-based matchmaking
Image showcasing Ashika Island Beach with a foreboding mist circling the beaches sands. There is a visible gun on the screen painted in silver and black aiming out towards a nearby boat.
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Image of a player character standing in her apartment. She is wearing a red leather jacket and denim shorts. The background consists of a modern-looking apartment with a blue streaked painting hung on a right-angled wall next to a window. There is also a fireplace and a kitchen area in the room.
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Image of the player character in a vault jumpsuit within Fallout 76. The character has her thumbs up in a pose standing next to a Terminal in a chandelier lit wooden room with a red couch at the back wall.
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Image showcasing a virtual library-like area with the Roblox logo in the top right corner. There are rows of books in shelves and tables dotted around the place.