LMS Recap: Week Eight

M17 1-1 TPA Both teams came into the final week with playoff hopes as they both remain a measly three points behind Midnight Sun Esports.

LMS Recap: Week Seven

HKE 2-0 LGS HKE is currently at the top of their game, sweeping three of their last four best of 2s, even splitting with Ahq in the last week.

LMS Recap: Week Six

Please note that Weeks 6 and 7 will feature ten best of twos instead of six so the recaps will stretch in length. HKE vs AS 2-0 HKE and AS are very close in the standings at 4th and 5th.

A Look at Hong Kong e-Sports

Background Hong Kong Esports had long attempted to create top tier teams to enter in the GPL, but the limited amount of seeding and intense Taiwanese competition often made this difficult.

LMS Recap: Week Five

HKE and MSE 1-1 HongKong eSports and Midnight Sun Esports come into this matchup respectively third and fourth in the standings. Neither are close at nipping at the Flash Wolves or Ahq, but are fighting to remain in the upper half.

LMS Recap: Week Three

Flash Wolves stutter, but continue to show their class The Flash Wolves came in to their series against HKE with two victories and one tie against sophomore team, Midnight Sun Esports.

LMS Week Two Recap

Machi impresses in Week Two. Machi, in the previous week showed decent games against the best team in the league, Ahq, by abusing Bard's weak early game. However, they were unable to topple the pinnacle of the LMS.

LMS Week 1 Recap

MSE vs LGS 1-1 The match to lead off the summersplit of the LMS was between two bottom half teams, one seemingly destined for mediocrity, and the other, a promising sophomore team.