2015 World Championship Preview: Flash Wolves

Flash Wolves: LMS Seed #2 Season Overview Summer Split Regular Season Record: 9-2-3 Summer Split Playoffs Record: 1-3 2015 LMS Regionals: 6-2 The Flash Wolves, despite dropping the yoe, are very much the same team from the inaugural split o...

2015 LMS Regionals: Midnight Sun Esports

All stats used fromOracles Elixir! All photos used fromlms.garena.tw Midnight Sun Esports (3-4-7) Third Seed Split Overview Midnight Sun Esports have come a long way as a team since their inception into the LMS, in the Spring Split.

2015 LMS Regionals: Taipei Assassins

All stats used fromoracleselixir.com! All photos fromlms.garena.tw! Taipei Assassins (3-6-5) Fourth Seed Split Overview The Assassins have had a down split, relative to their performance in the GPL last season and in the LMS last split.