Give The Developers A Chance, Guys

The developers of Call of Duty have a difficult, thankless job, and we just make it harder for them by complaining and insulting them at every chance we get. Can we give them a break already?

The Oracle of OpTic

One year ago, I made predictions about what would happen with OpTic Gaming between then and now. Every single one of them came true.

Nadeshot: Big Decisions on the Horizon?

Since his failed rollout of the esports team "Hundred Thieves", Nadeshot's future has been called into question. His recent moves indicate big changes to his career in the coming weeks. What is next for the biggest name in Call of Duty?

It’s Time to Make an Example of TmarTn

Influencers have a massive amount of clout and power over an audience of millions, and it’s going unchecked; it’s only a matter of time before more situations happen- if they haven’t already and they just haven’t been caught. It is time for us to step up.

Hundred Thieves In Serious Trouble

It’s been two months since Matt “Nadeshot” Haag publicly announced his own eSports team, Hundred Thieves. The hype was strong, but things have gone downhill really fast for Nadeshot and his organization, thanks to bad planning and bad choices.

Game Analysis: Enigma 6 Gold vs Apotheon

The first match of this weekend’s Call of Duty World League Qualifiers for the Pro Division brought Enigma 6 Gold, made up of Censor, Apathy, Saints, and Dedo, against Apotheon eSports, made up of Lacefield, Fears, Legal, and Phizzurp.

Optic Nation Must Go

This is an opinion piece- one that will probably step on a few toes and piss a few people off. Therefore, let me preface this with something of a disclaimer: these are my opinions. You have the right to agree or disagree with them.