The Oracle of OpTic

One year ago, I made predictions about what would happen with OpTic Gaming between then and now. Every single one of them came true.

Apparently, I am clairvoyant. 

One year ago, there was a Reddit thread on /r/OpTicGaming asking “Where do you see OpTic one year from now?” I decided to take my best shot at it and make some random predictions.

This is what they were: 

  • Nadeshot won’t return as a player during Black Ops III, or if he does, it will be short lived and not very serious. True. He didn’t return for any events, although he was considering it.

  • OpTic will FINALLY get a CS:GO team. True. 

  • OpTic Nation won’t look like it does today. At least three of the players will leave, if not all of them, and that’s only if it isn’t disbanded. True. It’s been disbanded. Thank you, Activision, for getting rid of the one team that made me want to rip my eyeballs out and use them as Bocce balls.

  • Nadeshot will finally admit he’s dating Jenna. True. I ship Manna sooooo hard. Or is it Jett? I’ve never been the best at creating cutesy couple names. Nadenna? Help me out with this one, folks.

  • The main OpTic CoD team will continue their dynasty into Black Ops III, but will lose Champs again. True and true. They were arguably the most successful team in the game, and they failed to win Champs yet again. The #OpTicCurse lives to see another year.

  • H3CZ will finally grow a beard. True. It looks good.

  • BigT will still be that weird uncle living at the OpTic house. True. And he’s as lovable as ever.

  • We’ll be predicting the end of the Call of Duty scene after Black Ops III because of Infinity Ward. True, unfortunately. There’s a lot of people saying this could be really bad for Activision, based on waning sales and low player numbers for Infinite Warfare, even with the addition of Modern Warfare Remastered. There’s going to be more chat about this in the coming days, but don’t worry about it yet; let’s all relish in the happy feeling that we all get when I’m right.

Now that I’m officially omnipotent and all-seeing, I’m officially quitting my job and school and I’m going to become a professional psychic, gambler, or something. No idea yet, but I’m going to put my newfound gifts to good use.

(By the way, in case you don’t believe me, here’s the link to the thread.)

In case you’re wondering what my predictions are for next year, here they are: 

As the newly anointed Nostradumbass of this subreddit, I hereby give my predictions for the coming year (probably going to screw these up pretty bad):

  • Nade won’t come back to OpTic. He’s gone for now. He’ll stay in his relationship with Jenna for at least the majority of the year ahead. A breakup could come later in the year, but it’s unlikely. (If it does happen, you will see a side of Nade that is super depressed and sad all of the time (“mopey” would be a good word to describe it) and it won’t go away for at least a month.
  • Modern Warfare Remastered will be a decent game. I’m not going to guess the number of bugs, but the bugs/issues you will have in the upcoming game are not exclusive to CoD4RM (lag, bullet registration, etc). YouTubers will go nuts with it and that will help build a substantial amount of hype to solidify the community for a while. Infinite Warfare’s player/viewer numbers will suffer as more and more people play/watch the crap out of CoD4. However, IW will still be the esports focus, and therefore the game won’t be getting as much love from the developers. Towards February or March, CoD4 will fall off quite a bit as Activision ignores it in favor of its primary title. (Unless, of course, they release DLC/release the game as a separate offering, as that would extend its active lifespan. The former is not going to happen beyond the 16 maps, the latter could possibly happen.)
  • We still won’t see very much coming from Basshers, if anything at all.
  • OpTic will be a top-three team in the game, but will once again fail to win Champs/XP.
  • At least one of the four members of OpTic CoD will leave the team, either due to retirement or going to another team.
  • OpTic Halo will fail to win World Champs again (or whatever it’s called) and there will be at least three roster changes.
  • At least one OpTic house resident will move out.
  • OpTic CS:GO will qualify for at least two majors, but will not win either of them. In at least one of them, they will not make it out of group stage.
  • There will be more relationship drama that will spawn all sorts of jokes/memes, possibly stemming from more Scump/KenZ action
  • Hector will keep the beard, as will BigT (because BigT has a serious case of the babyface).
  • BigT will continue to step up his game as the “most clickbait” person in the OpTic House (and that’s saying something when Pamaj is there).
  • People will be concerned about the future of CoD esports after a year of low viewer counts in IW and going into Sledgehammer’s game. 

Only time will tell if my gifts will shine through again. But for now, bow to me, world of Call of Duty esports. I am your new master. Bring me a chocolate shake.

What do you think about these predictions from last year, as well as this year’s predictions? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @GAMURScom