Rise Looks To Repeat: MLG Atlanta Preview

This weekend’s Call of Duty event in Atlanta is shaping up to be a crazy one. As many as 172 bloodthirsty teams are descending on the World Congress Center for their shot at a piece of the $200,000 prize pool and a giant pile of Pro Points.

The Call of Duty Franchise Needs To Go Back To Its Roots

It seems that with each passing year, Call of Duty becomes progressively more unrecognizable from the amazing game it once was. Perhaps it's time to take a look at why that's happening, and to consider trying something different.

MLG Vegas Predictions

It's time for the first major Call of Duty event of Infinite Warfare. Who will win, who will fail, and what upsets will we see?

The MLG Vegas Streaming Conundrum

MLG Vegas could be one of the biggest and most entertaining events we've seen to date, but could the streaming debacle around the event cause damage to the Call of Duty esports scene?