All Enigma locations in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Unlock cosmetic rewards by completing these puzzles.

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Enigmas are short puzzles you can solve throughout Assassin’s Creed Mirage that typically give cosmetic rewards through unique Talismans and Outfit Dyes. There are 12 Enigmas hidden around ancient Baghdad you can complete.

After you pick up an Enigma, you can view it in your inventory underneath the Enigma section. Usually, Enigmas give a short clue either by showing a crudely drawn map or a vague poem regarding the location that you need to climb to claim your reward. To start this puzzle, however, you first need to find the clue or scroll itself.

If you are looking to pick up all 12 Enigmas in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, here’s where you need to go.

All Enigmas in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

There are 12 Enigmas scattered around the regions of Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Below are all the Enigma quest names listed out along with the general region it is found in:

Delighted by the Dome Enigma location

The Delight by the Dome Enigma starting location can be found by the Mosque in the Abbaisya region of Baghdad. This can be found just outside the walls of the Round City. Whenever you arrive, the Enigma is waiting for you up the short steps near the front entrance of the Mosque.

A Challenge Enigma location

A Challenge Enigma is found in the Abbaisya region of Baghdad, near the Scriptorium. This is a little south of the Mosque where you may have already found the Delighted by the Dome Enigma.

The scroll itself is found on the balcony of a multi-story building. Simply climb up to the balcony by using the mossy roots stretched across the building. You don’t even need to actually step foot on the balcony, as you can pick up the A Challenge Enigma from the ledge.

A Gift Enigma location

A Gift is the last Engima that can be found in the Abbaisya area of Baghdad. This clue is located near the outskirts of the Abbaisya area near the Four Markets Gate. This is an easy Enigma to acquire as you only need to get to the exposed second floor of a building and the scroll can be found waiting underneath a shaded canopy.

Find What I Stole! Enigma location

Find What I Stole! is a well-hidden Enigma in the Harbiyah region. To get this scroll, travel to the Qutrabbul Gate found around the furthest northern part of Harbiyah. Once here, go along the river until you see the scroll’s location on your minimap. I found this one pretty hard to see as it is hidden behind a palm tree.

Left Behind Enigma location

The Left Behind Enigma is located to the south of the Metal Factory and Dyeing Factory where you first met Beshi in the main storyline. You need to complete an extra step to get ahold of this scroll.

Whenever you arrive at the house, you might notice the door to enter is barred. Go around to the other side of the building and you should see a collapsible scaffolding. Collapse the scaffolding and a window entrance will then appear. You can grab the Enigma inside and leave out the same window, or unbar the door if you wish.

A Holy Hoard Enigma location

The Holy Hoard Enigma is another puzzle starting location found in the Harbiyah region, although this is found closer to the eastern coast of Baghdad. If you zoom in on the map, you can find the Enigma between the Khurasan Gate Guardhouse and the Prince’s Gate. Once here, all you need to do is go inside the open door leading to a small home and find the Enigma resting on a shelf.

Solve This Problem Quickly For Me Enigma location

You can grab the Solve This Quickly For Me Enigma on top of the Officer’s Club roof in the Karkh region of Baghdad. The Officer’s Club is located just east of the Commanders’ District portion of the Round City.

This is one of the hardest Enigmas in Assassin’s Creed Mirage to get as it is found within a heavily guarded restricted area. It is best to get as high as possible to avoid detection from guards and descend onto the grassy canopy it is found on. There is one guard standing directly in front of the scroll, however, his back is turned, so he shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Just Rewards Enigma location

Just Rewards is another Enigma location found within a restricted area, though this one is considerably easier to grab. This scroll is located near the top of the Basra Gate in the Residential District of the Round City.

As you climb up, you will slowly enter a restricted part of the gate. There aren’t too many guards stationed here, however, as you will only need to eliminate one in order to get to your target and pick up the clue.

A Gift For You Enigma location

A Gift For You is the second Enigma found inside the Round Center near the center of the map. The building this scroll can be found inside is just to the southwest of the Palace of the Green Dome.

Much like the Left Behind Enigma before, A Gift For You’s clue is trapped behind two locked doors. To access this area, you need to circle around to the second-floor balcony and toss a throwing knife through the partially open window. Aim your throwing knife at the wooden planks boarding up the window on the opposite side. This will cause the wood to break and grant you a path inside.

Surrender Enigma location

The Surrender Enigma is near the northeastern edge of the Tomb of Zubaydah region in the Wilderness, above Karkh. Use the map above for reference. You will know as soon as you reach your destination as there will be a field of above-ground tombs. The Engima you seek is resting on one of these tombs.

Joy Beneath Weeping Palms Enigma location

The Joy Beneath Weeping Palms is another Enigma you can locate in the Wilderness, but you actually won’t need to stray too far from the city. This puzzle can be found below the Karkh region and south of the House of Poulterers. The Enigma itself is resting below a stone gazebo at the location seen above.

Reap From the Ruins Enigma location

Reap From the Ruins starting clue can be located in the southern part of Jarjaraya in the southern wilderness in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. The scroll can be found in a two-story location, with an open door freely leading to the small room where the Enigma resides. Once inside, you can loot the Enigma near a sleeping man on a large carpet.


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