Today’s small Apex patch fixes speed boosting and Sentinel fire rate exploit, restores Frag Out banner frames

Thank you, Respawn.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A small Apex Legends patch was deployed earlier today that should fix three pesky issues.

The update targets a Sentinel exploit, restores the “Frag Out” banner frames for Bloodhound and Rampart, and fixes the speed boosting exploit, according to the Respawn Twitter account.

Numerous players reported that Bloodhound and Rampart’s Frag Out banners were causing crashes last month, with Respawn asking players to unequip the cosmetic. The PlayStation Plus exclusive banners would appear as orange and purple squares, kicking players from the game by simply equipping it. The banners should now be restored and working properly.

An Apex player recorded high-ranked players using speed boosting on console, posting a video on Reddit last week detailing the exploit. The offenders were able to move in quick short bursts, helping them gain ground and avoid incoming fire. With the exploit catching Respawn’s eye, it should now be removed from the battle royale.

The update should also remove a Sentinel fire rate exploit plaguing matchmaking. The weapon was temporarily disabled last year for a similar issue since players were making the bolt-action sniper fully automatic. It’s unclear if this same exploit made a comeback, but it should no longer be reproducible.