ImperialHal steps back from Apex Legends due to game state, mental health

This is another blow to Apex fans.

Screengrab via TSM

TSM player Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen revealed he was stepping back from Apex Legends for mental health issues that worsened due to the state of the game, on April 26.

He said he was at “an all time low” and his performance dropped, further worsening his situation, in a tweet. This fanned the flames of recent community uproar over the game’s poor quality.

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On April 23, Albralelie and Snip3down said the game was in “the worst state” since its release, arguing that the developer was neglecting the game’s support and quality, following rising complaints from players about persisting bugs and cheaters.

ImperialHal is an Apex professional player and content creator who started out when the game released in 2019. He’s considered one of the most influential streamers in the game and is the highest-earning professional player in competitive Apex, according to Esports Earnings.

The player didn’t say he would stop Apex entirely, though. It’s still unclear whether he’ll be seen more on other titles or if he’s going to take a break from content creation, too.

ImperialHal has received overwhelming support in response to his statement, while many players and experts expressed worry over the future of the scene. “Season 17 is make it or break it,” streamer decypher wrote.

The upcoming season will bring the next legend Ballistic to the Apex games, as well as Firing Range updates, weapon challenges, and the return of World’s Edge. It’s planned to release on May 9.


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