Albralelie, Snip3down blast Respawn for letting Apex slip into ‘worst state’ ever

They're in agreement with the community.

Photos via Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment

Albralelie and Snip3down blasted Respawn Entertainment for letting Apex Legends slip into what they described as “the worst state the game has been in” during the latest episode of the Apex After Hours podcast on April 23. The most pressing issue, in their view, is there are still instances where some players are able to fire guns silently after more than two months, and the fact the devs still haven’t fixed it after all this time blows their minds.

Albralelie is “out of patience” at this point, claiming an issue as pressing, common, and game-breaking as that should be hot-fixed within a week. He believes it’s “pathetic” Respawn has let it run rampant for so long, let alone all the other issues the community has been vocal about, including cheaters, server issues, and ranked matchmaking being a mess.

Snip3down agreed, saying Respawn has failed to even come close to Riot Games, which he described as “the golden standard of how you want to see developers see and communicate and react to issues.” Rather than fixing issues within a week and keeping players in the loop like Riot, he feels Respawn is too focused on events and things the devs can sell.

“None of this matters to them,” he said. “This also goes on to the DDoSing issue or the cheating issue in ranked that people are complaining about. How has it taken so long to fix something like this?” The worst part, however, is there has been “zero communication from their end,” which makes him feel like Respawn doesn’t care and its “only goal is to push out cosmetics.”

Albralelie insisted their anger comes from a place of love. It’s not because they think the game is bad, even though its current state leaves a lot to be desired. Instead, it’s “because the game is so good,” and players like them who have invested hours upon hours to become the best at it want to see it thrive.

LuluLuvely said the same thing via a tweet on April 19. The Twitch star begged Respawn to be more transparent about these issues and keep the lines of communication open to appease the masses. But perhaps that ship has already sailed. Frustrated players are planning to boycott the next collection event as the anger and disappointment rage on.

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