How to turn off crossplay in Apex Legends

Not all platforms have to like each other.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Short queue times are essential to preventing the player base from waiting. Crossplay allows players from different platforms to come together, and it’s an essential tool to keep the queue times low. No matter how useful the future can be, though, there will be times you’ll want to get rid of it for a more even playing field.

While you’ll never get into a lobby with PC players as a console players, this can change if you have a PC player in your squad. Turning off the crossplay feature won’t save you from playing versus PC players unless you kick out the PC player in your lobby. Turning off this feature will allow you to play versus players who’re using the same console platform as yourself. Crossplay is usually a useful feature for console players since it greatly reduces queue times by allowing Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch play in the same environment.

Here’s how you can turn off the crossplay feature in Apex Legends.

  • Log into Apex and navigate to the main menu
  • Open up the Settings panel through the cog icon located toward the right corner of your screen
  • Under “Gameplay Settings,” look for the Cross Platform Play option and disable it

You’ll be able to turn it back on whenever you’d like and the changes should take effect immediately. Remember that console players can only play against PC players if there’s a PC player in their squad. Turning off the crossplay feature with a PC player in your squad won’t have any effect and you’ll still have a chance to play against PC players. For a console player, turning off the crossplay feature will limit their matchmaking pool to players who are using the same line of consoles.

This means if an Xbox user turns off Apex’s crossplay feature, they’ll only be able to play against other Xbox players, and the same will also apply to PlayStation users.