Does Apex Legends have cross-progression?

Is it possible to keep your gear and stats across platforms?
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Cross-progression is one of the most frequently requested features in Apex Legends. As its name suggests, cross-progression allows you to carry progress and rewards—most notably, skins and cosmetics—from one platform to another.

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Apex is playable on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch with cross-platform play, and cross-progression would allow you to keep everything in one account. Here’s everything you need to know about Apex and cross-progression.

Does Apex have cross-progression?

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Apex officially has cross-progression! Photo by Respawn Entertainment

Apex has cross-progression for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. It was rolled out in waves from Oct. 31, 2023, during Season 19, Ignite, and became available to all players by the middle of Dec. 2023. Apex developer Respawn Entertainment declared the feature officially set for all accounts on Wednesday, Dec. 20.


Cross-progression in Apex revolves around account merging, meaning players who have switched platforms will get their old cosmetics, currency, and progress back.

Respawn worked on the feature for years, but hacks and other urgent issues reportedly slowed them down. Resolving those issues took higher priority, meaning features like cross-progression were moved to the back burner.

How to enable cross-progression in Apex Legends

Cross-progression is, for the most part, automated, with your client automatically alerting you it’s now available. When players with multiple Apex accounts tied to one EA account log-in after the season 19 update on Oct. 31, they will receive a notification screen about cross-progression, detailing their accounts and giving them a simple command button.

Simply hit the continue button to initiate the Apex cross-progression transfer.

The cross-progression menu screen in Apex Legends.
Look out for this screen. Image via Respawn Entertainment

Your account will automatically update to the account with the highest progression level. Still, you’ll be able to access any leftover skins, Heirlooms, and currencies from your other accounts all in one place now.

Can I opt-out of cross-progression?

Unfortunately, you can’t opt out of cross-progression, as it’s mandatory for all Apex players.

There are a few exceptions to this cross-progression account merger. Certain items, mainly those specific to PlayStation or Xbox subscriptions, will not be available on other platforms.

While most items should cross over, the following items won’t cross over:

  • PS+ Pack items
  • Xbox Founder’s Edition items
  • Xbox Gold items
  • The P.A.T.H. Legendary skin that’s exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, Apex Coins gained on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation accounts will be merged into one wallet, which can be spent on any of the aforementioned platforms. However, Apex Coins on Nintendo Switch will remain separate, can only be spent on Switch content, and cannot be merged with the other platforms’ wallets. Likewise, players will only see their merged Apex Coins wallet balance on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation and can only spend the currency on the associated platforms.

What happens to my duplicate items?

Any duplicate items or content will also not be refunded, and the content will not appear twice in a player’s inventory.

What happens to my Apex progress on other platforms?

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So long other platform content. Image via Respawn.

During the cross-progression rollout process, Respawn identified your primary platform, which was determined by the highest level reached across all of your platforms. All your content, like skins and Apex Coin balances, will be associated with this primary account from Nov. 28, 2023.

The exception, however, is with your stats and progress. The only stats and progress you can see are for your primary platform—your stats on these other platforms will no longer be accessible.

Why was the cross-progression rolled out in waves?

Cross-progression requires a lot of features to work together harmoniously. So, to ensure stability and out of caution, cross-progression was rolled out in waves by Respawn. During the rollout process, they monitored the health of Apex and the state of the game so they could detect any potential issues and pauses or make necessary changes.

Cross-progression is a feature players have been asking for for years. However, losing our secondary accounts and specific content is a big downside. But this is everything you need to know about cross-progression in Apex and how it works.

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