How to find out the number of Apex Legends packs you’ve opened

Determine how close you are to getting that coveted heirloom.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Heirlooms are some of the rarest, most sought-after items in Apex Legends, but it’s hard to know exactly when you should expect to get one. For fans eager to know how close they are to unlocking those elusive bragging rights, one website has you covered.

Apex players are guaranteed at least one heirloom after opening 500 packs. Using this metric, one savvy fan designed a calculator that helps you determine how many packs you’ve opened. The tool creates a step-by-step breakdown using your account level, event progress, and battle pass progress.

Here’s how the Apex Packs Calculator works.

Screengrab via Apex Packs Calculator

Players first begin by inputting their account level, found above your head in the in-game lobby. Once that’s in, the calculator automatically generates how many packs you’ve earned from those levels.

The calculator then prompts you to input your level for each season, as well as if you purchased the battle pass. To determine what level you achieved in past seasons, players can go to any legend’s “Banner” tab and find the badge for that season. The number on the badge is the level you reached. The data is current as of season 12.

There’s also an option to input how many Apex packs you purchased from the store, as well as entries for events, quests, and Twitch Prime members. If you don’t know exactly how many packs you’ve received from these categories, just make your best guess.

Once all the information has been added to the calculator, it immediately tells you the number of packs bought and how close you are to 500. If you’re under the 50-percent mark, you may want to reconsider buying the over 250 packs needed for a guaranteed heirloom.

Though Respawn does promise at least one heirloom per 500 packs, it’s completely possible to open the legendary item at any point in time, so don’t lose hope. There’s a reason the calculator calls the 500-pack mark “bad luck protection.”