Apex data miner finds full picture of Revenant on EA’s website

And all it took was changing a number.

Image via That1MiningGuy/EA Games

Revenant isn’t as distant from the Apex Games as some players may think.

Respawn revealed Forge as the next character to join the fight in Apex Legends’ season four yesterday, but data miner That1MiningGuy suggests there’s more to the story. He found a full-fledged picture of the robotic legend Revenant hidden in the EA Answers website.

The discovery is a full-body image of Revenant, a robotic legend that was extensively data mined in the past. The picture was uploaded to the EA Answers website but was hidden from the public, according to That1MiningGuy. He unveiled Revenant by changing a number in the URL for Forge’s header.

Forge’s header is listed in the URL as “al6.” Changing the number to seven displays the picture of Revenant, and decreasing it shows media for earlier legends such as Wattson and Crypto.

Most of the community believed Revenant would be the next character added to the roster due to Respawn’s focus on him. He hosted the Shadowfall limited-time mode during the Fight or Fright event and was briefly shown in the trailer. The developer team opted to announce Forge instead.

Apex’s season four is called “Assimilation” and will be divided into two splits. The first six weeks will be fought in an updated version of World’s Edge, but Kings Canyon is making a return in late March. The developers teased that Hammond Robotics, Forge’s corporate sponsor, may be involved with the upcoming changes to World’s Edge, the arena for the first part of the season.

Data miners unearthed information on Revenant and the legend quickly rose to nearly mythical status as one of the possible next additions to Apex. Respawn thwarted all expectations by announcing Forge, but the community won’t back down. Players speculated that both legends may join the fight in the next season.

Revenant could follow Forge into the Apex Games and be released in the midseason split with the return of Kings Canyon. Another possible hypothesis is that the legend will launch as soon as season four goes live. Data miners appear to have uncovered Valentine’s Day quips for Revenant, which point to his presence in early February.

The image found by That1MiningGuy may not be the only reference to Revenant on EA’s websites. Shortly after Respawn revealed Forge, players found an image that resembles the legend’s shape hidden in the background of the official season four web page.

Even though Revenant has been a known presence for some time, Respawn hasn’t made an official statement regarding the legend’s release date. Instead, the company officially announced that Forge is the next character to join Apex.

The early days of the game featured both Caustic and Mirage as unlockable legends, so it’s not impossible that the developers would repeat that format ahead of Assimilation. But Revenant’s hypothetical release still isn’t official.