Apex fan may have found Revenant hidden in the background of EA’s website

The legend may still linger.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Respawn revealed that Forge will be the next legend to join the fight in Apex Legends when season four reaches the server. But an Apex fan thinks he may not be the only new character in the game.

A player spotted that EA’s official website for season four may hide another challenger. Revenant is reportedly cloaked in the background image of the website as a very subtle clue to the legend.

The background image on EA’s website appears to be a sci-fi image with a few lines of code scattered around. But increasing the brightness reveals some apparent distortions, “which are similar to what produces a render of a transparent 3d object,” according to the user. Tracing the lines to outline the distortion revealed a slightly familiar shape.

“I drew over the limits on which the lines being distorted trying to find the shape of the object,” the user said. “The antennas at the side are the definitive clue this is Revenant, since his face is purposely obscured by the black zone.”

The code displayed the picture points toward “Outlands,” the part of the universe where both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge are located. When combined with Revenant’s apparent outline, it could be a clue about the legend’s hypothetical debut.

Fans have speculated that Apex would release more than one legend in the next season due to the excessive length of Meltdown, the third season. Today’s developer update revealed that Forge would be the next playable character in the game once season four hits. But Revenant has been on the radar for longer and even made a brief appearance in the Fight or Fright event trailer.

The addition of Revenant isn’t impossible, but there’s no official confirmation that the legend will join Apex in the near future. Right now, Forge is the only character officially scheduled to enter the Apex Games. Players can see him in action starting on Feb. 4.