The King of Vermillion adds Ally of Justice Catastor, Tuning, Meklord, and Synchron support to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

There could be multiple chase cards for Synchro players.

Image via Konami

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is kicking into a new gear with the release the game’s 34th mini box, The King of Vermillion

This release is supplementing the 34th main box, Eternal Stream, which was released at the end of April, and the recently released Stardust Nexus Structure deck. 

Not only will The King of Vermillion introduce several powerful monsters, but one of the key chase cards will be Tuning, a Spell Card that allows the player to search for a Synchron Tuner monster from the deck and add it to their hand. It can only be used by Yusei in Duel Links, but it will instantly become a staple of the growing Synchron meta decks. 

Additionally, multiple powerful Synchro Monsters are being added, such as the title card, Red Nova Dragon, which will help fuel powerful strategies surrounding both Red Dragon Archfiend and Synchro support in general. Armory Arm, Blackwing Armor Master, T.G. Wonder Magician, and Drill Warrior also play into this idea. 

Ally of Justice Catastor is also making its Duel Links debut, which means players will now have to worry about seeing the Synchro staple throughout multiple decks that can access it. 

Other notable inclusions for this mini box include Meklord Emperor Wisel and other Meklord, Morphtronics, Synchron, and Resonator support.