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Garrosh Hellscream looking down in Mists of Pandaria: Siege of Orgrimmar cinematic.
Image via Blizzard

The 10 best addons for WoW MoP Remix, ranked

You'll ace WoW MoP Remix with these addons.

If you ever wondered what playing World of Warcraft was like when Mists of Pandaria was released, you’ll get your answer during the MoP Remix event. You should also be more optimized this time around as you’ll have access to the best addons for WoW MoP Remix.

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Like in WoW Classic Hardcore, addons provide valuable tools that aim to improve your experience in the game. Regardless of my game mode in WoW, I have a few staple mods that go everywhere with me. These mods allow me to be one step ahead of all bosses and even help while completing simple journeys like starting and completing the Muddy Water quest in WoW MoP Remix.

Best WoW MoP Remix addons

When you combine the best WoW MoP Remix addons, you’ll noticeably enhance the way you play WoW. After downloading the following mods, you’ll have a better UI and even higher game awareness via alerts and timers.

1) ElvUI

ElvUI in WoW MoP Remix.
The UI of your dreams. Image via ElvUI

ElvUI lets you craft the WoW UI of your dreams. From action bars to nameplates, ElvUI offers a staggering number of customization options in one addon. While it takes some effort to set up ElvUI, the level of control it grants is unmatched, and you may never want to go back to the classic UI as you grow to love your customized UI.

2) WeakAuras

WeakAuras in WoW MoP Remix.
Become alert of your surroundings. Image via WeakAuras

WeakAuras can practically be your assistant in WoW MoP Remix, reminding you of every buff, debuff, and cooldown in the game. After installing WeakAuras, you’ll be able to track your precious raid buffs, visualize enemy debuffs, and even set off sound alerts all tailored to your exact needs. Setting up WeakAuras is relatively easy, but you can also download community configs and give yourself a head start.

3) Bagnon

Bagnon in WoW MoP Remix.
You’ll have the best begs, everywhere. Image via Bagnon

As you progress through WoW MoP Remix, your inventory will fill with various junk items, and crafting materials that you’ll need to sort out. Bagnon streamlines your inventory management in WoW MoP Remix, and its clutter-free design makes everything easier. Searching for items and highlighting important ones saves a lot of time in the long run.

4) Better Vendor Price

Better Vendor Price in WoW MoP Remix.
Now, that’s a deal. Image via Better Vendor Price

When you first start WoW MoP Remix, you’ll be paying plenty of visits to vendors. On each trip, you’ll have items in your inventory that you can’t decide whether you should sell because the in-game silver and gold math may be hard to pull off on the spot.

Better Vendor Price displays clear, per-item breakdowns, including individual and stack prices. It even works in your bags, chat links, and the Auction House.

5) Dialogue UI

Dialogue UI in WoW MoP Remix.
A more modern look. Image via Dialogue UI

WoW’s original dialogue boxes got old, and they need a refresh. Well, you don’t have to wait for Blizzard on that one because Dialogue UI takes the matter into its own hands. After downloading this addon, you’ll have access to more modern dialogue boxes, which you’ll get to customize by adjusting font sizes to improve readability further.

6) Badboy

Badboy in WoW MoP Remix.
A clean chat. Image via Badboy

The in-game chat in WoW MoP Remix, especially in crowded areas, can be filled with spam. Filtering useful content amongst the sea of ad spam is often a struggle unless you have the Badboy addon.

Badboy filters out unwanted messages from the chat box, blocking spam ranging from gold-selling offers to phishing attempts.

7) Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly Boss Mods in WoW MoP Remix.
Bosses aren’t that scary now. Image via Deadly Boss Mods

You’ll need all the help you can get in raids and dungeons. Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) equips you with clear, colored warnings that tell you exactly what to do, not just what’s happening. DBM intelligently filters information based on your role, keeping your focus on what matters most. As a healer, DBM is one of the most useful add-ons in my arsenal.

8) Extended Character Stats

Extended Character Stats in WoW MoP Remix.
Knowledge is power. Image via Extended Character Stats

Extended Character Stats is a lightweight addon that unveils hidden stats like spell crit and healing power, giving you a complete picture of your character’s capabilities. I like this addon because it eliminates the guesswork while completing new builds.

9) Details! Damage Meter

Details Damage Meter in WoW MoP Remix.
Stats don’t lie. Image via Details! Damage Meter

Tracking performances in WoW MoP Remix dungeons and raids is the first step toward improving your gameplay. Details! Damage Meter tracks your and your party members’ damage, healing, and threat generation. If you’ve been wondering who’s pulling the most weight in your guild, then this is the addon for you.

10) Pawn

Pawn in WoW MoP Remix.
A worthy upgrade is always welcomed. Image via Pawn

You just received some new loot and you can’t tell whether you’re looking at an upgrade. If this is a frequent scenario for you in WoW MoP Remix or any other game mode, then you should add Pawn to your mods list. This add-on analyzes your gear and specialization, recommends the best equipment for your character, and takes the guesswork out of looting.

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