Can you change your character’s name, race or faction in WoW: Classic?

Classic's character services differ from the ones you'd find in modern WoW.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Modern World of Warcraft has a plethora of character services available for players to buy if they want to change anything about their WoW character. Retail WoW gives players the option to change their race, name, or faction for a fee if they want to. 

Unfortunately, you can’t change your character’s name, race, or faction in WoW: Classic like you can in retail WoW. The only character service that is available to Classic players is the character transfer, which allows you to take your character from one server and place it on another. 

Under certain circumstances, character migration is a free service for players in high-population realms who are looking to play in a low-population realm. You can’t use the free character migration service if you are a player on a low-population server and are looking to go to a more popular one.

Players who are on high-population servers have faced queue times surpassing the five-hour mark since Classic’s player base has been reinvigorated with the launch of the pre-patch for the game’s next expansion, Wrath of the Lich King Classic

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Another in-store feature that made its way from modern WoW to WoW: Classic is the character boost, which allows you to instantly boost your Classic character’s level to level 58 and instantly play through the most recently released content. After boosting your Classic character, you’ll be ready to jump through the Dark Portal and tackle all of the content released in The Burning Crusade Classic

In retail WoW, the character boost goes up to level 60 and prepares newly made characters for Dragonflight