Is VALORANT a free-to-play game?

You can enjoy VALORANT without spending a dime.

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VALORANT has grown into one of the most popular first-person shooters on the market. Riot Games, the company behind other popular titles like League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, has created a fresh experience in the FPS genre, complete with tactical gameplay, exciting agents, and a robust ranked system.

One of the best things about VALORANT, besides its fun and rewarding gameplay, is its low barrier of entry. Anyone can enjoy the game without sinking money into it since all you need is a PC and a stable internet connection.

Image via Riot Games

IsVALORANT free-to-play?

Yes, VALORANT is free-to-play and doesn’t have an upfront cost. Players can download the game and jump into a match with little issue. You’ll immediately have access to a handful of agents and can unlock the rest through free contracts. But there are several ways to immediately unlock content with real money or customize your weapons and loadouts with fun cosmetic items.

Players can purchase the in-game currency called VP to unlock premium content. VP can be used to buy the seasonal battle pass, which contains dozens of goodies like weapon skins, sprays, gun buddies, and more.

You can also purchase weapon skins directly from the store, which is updated daily. VALORANT is technically free-to-play, but be prepared to spend a decent amount of cash if you want the exciting skins.

Lastly, you can also complete contracts early by purchasing the contract levels with VP. This is an easy way to unlock a specific agent quickly if you don’t want to grind through the first five levels of their contract. None of these options are required, so don’t feel pressured to spend any money on VALORANT.

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