Will VALORANT be a free-to-play game?

Riot's FPS is coming in 2020.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has finally, officially pulled back the curtains on its first-person shooter game, formerly known as Project A. It’s called VALORANT and it looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun when it’s released on PC in 2020.

The makers of League of Legends expanded its development into multiple titles over the past few years and VALORANT is just one of the new games coming from the developer.

Image via Riot Games

The shooter blends gameplay mechanics and ideas from multiple popular shooters in the past, like Counter-Strike and Overwatch, in an effort to create the ultimate competitive FPS.

So now, the question remains: How much will VALORANT cost? Will it be a free-to-play title like CS:GO or is it a paid game like Overwatch?

Will VALORANT be free-to-play?

Yes. Whenever VALORANT is released, it will be a free-to-play game, much like League of Legends before it.

The game will be of no cost for anyone to download and try. Instead, it will most likely be supported by the optional purchase of skins and other cosmetic items.

If you want to, you could play VALORANT for absolutely nothing and never spend a cent on the game. That’s pretty sweet. But if you dump hundreds of hours into the game and want to deck out your character in some amazing skins for some real-life money, you can do that too.

VALORANT is due for release on PC in summer 2020 and it will be free-to-play.