What is Riot’s newest FPS title, VALORANT?

Get ready for a precise, lethal FPS from Riot Games.

Image via Riot Games

When Riot Games announced Project A as the company’s first venture into the world of first-person shooters, the global video game community rejoiced. VALORANT, formerly known as Project A, is a free-to-play FPS that will be a five-vs-five, character-based tactical shooter for PC where gunplay matters most.

Games will first have five players choose from a roster of unique characters known as agents. This will be the only character you play as for the entire match. The competition will then play the game out in a classic attackers-vs-defenders, best-of-24-rounds battle for dominance.

Agents will also have access to every weapon, which will be available for purchase with a round-to-round economy system. Each gun will have their own values, strengths, and weaknesses that will lead to players buying them depending on their team’s economic situation. Guns will also have their own recoil patterns that players will need to master.

Image via Riot Games

Every agent comes with a specific set of abilities, similar to games like Overwatch and Rainbow Six: Siege. But Riot said that agent abilities won’t overpower the importance of a player’s ability to aim, shoot, and eliminate their enemies. Instead, these abilities will provide players with “tactical information and strategic support” to help them get the jump on the competition.

With 128-tick servers for all players, worldwide servers guaranteeing less than 35ms ping for all major cities, and a vast array of anti-cheat mechanisms in place, VALORANT is inevitably aiming to become the next best FPS on the market.

VALORANT will be free-to-play and is set to be released on PC this summer.