VALORANT’s Xenohunter skin might cause a competitive disadvantage

Think twice before using this skin.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have noticed that the new Xenohunter Phantom skin obscures enemies from certain angles, putting players at a disadvantage while using the skin.

The new Xenohunter bundle brings a futuristic and military aesthetic to multiple weapons, adding a radar to help players find lurking monsters. Some players aren’t happy with the new bundle since they aren’t a far cry from the default weapon skins, but some fans are enjoying the minimal look. While the screen is a fun addition, it also takes up more space on-screen, which some players have noticed can be detrimental. 

VALORANT player Aabed_nerd posted multiple screengrabs showing how the radar blocks vision in certain spots. The issue is most prevalent in elevated areas, like the A Heaven stairs on Ascent. The screengrabs show how enemies are almost entirely blocked by the radar in these spots, meaning players with the Xenohunter skin equipped could be at a disadvantage. 

Being able to see enemies is arguably the most crucial part of VALORANT. Having a skin that lowers the chances of seeing your opponents is dangerous, and every player should understand this risk before purchasing the Xenohunter skins. 

Cosmetic skins blocking views in VALORANT is not a new concept. There are several large knives that take up considerable on-screen room, sometimes blocking enemies. The chances of skins creating a situation where you didn’t see an enemy are slim, but it is still worth considering before equipping a weapon with extra attachments.