VALORANT teams coordinate a 5-vs-5 knife-only round—and it’s hilarious

“Most fun I have had in game to this day.”

Screengrab via Riot Games

It seems like bringing a knife to a gunfight is possible in VALORANT.

One VALORANT fan posted a hysterical video today of a 10-person knife brawl that could only end with one player standing. 

The knife round began in Haven’s Mid Courtyard, where all that could be heard was blades slicing through the air. After a few knife kills, including one headshot, only two Jetts remained—a mirror match.

The player threw a smoke on the ground, which was imitated by their opponent. But through the fog, the enemy Jett emerged swinging. The player stepped back a bit before delivering the final blow, earning their team a knife-round victory.

Since the lobby was one-sided, the player persuaded both teams to have fun with unorthodox rules, such as Sheriff or Shorty only.

“Today I played what I now consider to be the most fun game of VALORANT that I’ve ever had,” the player said. “My team and I were getting dumped on by this other team and, out of my frustration, I proposed that we play Sheriff only at Mid. This escalated quickly and ended up being one of the most hilariously creative lobbies to be in.”

VALORANT fans interested in seeing more hilarious rounds can watch the full video.