VALORANT Strat Roulette: What is it and how to play

Have a plan so unusual that your enemies will be caught off guard.

Image via Riot Games

When you first load into a VALORANT match, you’ll need to decide which strategy you’d like to run. From where to push to picking a leader to guide your team, these decisions will affect your chances of winning the match.

It doesn’t always have to be serious, however. You can come up with more fun and alternative strategies that focus on making sure you have the best time possible with your friends in VALORANT. If you don’t know where to begin, Netlify’s VALORANT Strat Roulette is here to help.

What is VALORANT Strat Roulette?

The VALORANT Strat Roulette allows players to roll a random strats based on their side and map. These won’t be your usual strats, though, and the roulette will present you with a challenge you’ll need to adapt to during your match.

Here are a few example strats from the VALORANT Strat Roulette to know what you’re walking into.

  • Shoutcasters
    • Every alive player must narrate their actions as they make them. The narration should be done like a shoutcaster and give your match a professional feeling. You can only stop narrating if you’re dead.
  • Evasive Maneuvers
    • You’ll need to jump whenever you make a turn or peak a corner. Considering the importance of stealthing in VALORANT, this strat is one of the deadliest tactics for your own team.
  • Up close and personal
    • At the start of each round, your team can only purchase a Shorty or Bucky. You can only hide in the bombsites and hold close-range angles.

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