VALORANT players can celebrate the Lunar New Year with Tigris skin line and free Lunar Celebration Event Pass

Start the new year with exciting skins.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has revealed the new Tigris skin line and free Lunar Celebration Pass to help VALORANT players celebrate the Lunar New Year. 

The Lunar New Year begins tomorrow, Feb. 1, and VALORANT players have an exciting way to celebrate the holiday. The new Tigris skin line introduces skins for the Phantom, Shorty, Spectre, Operator, and a new melee skin. Players can also unlock free cosmetics from the Lunar Celebration Pass, including a gun buddy, tiger spray, and a player card with Sage, Jett, and Neon enjoying a meal. 

The new Tigris skins add a black and red color scheme with gold accents to the weapons, which shimmer and shine in the trailer. The new melee skin is significantly larger than the base knife and is perfect for players looking for a more noticeable melee weapon. 

The new pass hasn’t been revealed, but players can likely expect a similar experience to previous free passes like the RiotX Arcane pass and the VALORANT YR1 pass. This is another fun way to unlock cosmetic items without spending money. 

The price of the new bundle also hasn’t been revealed, but it will likely be available on Feb. 2 when the Protocol skins expire in the in-game store. The Protocol skins have been a hit with a large portion of the VALORANT community, so make sure to grab them while you can. 

Correction Jan. 31 1:20pm CT: A previous version of this article incorrectly said the gun buddy associated with the Lunar Celebration Pass is a cloud. The article has been updated. We regret this error.