VALORANT player highlights Sage slow orb lineup on Ascent

Enemies pushing the other site? Don't worry, this lineup can help.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player found a useful lineup for Sage’s slow orb on Ascent that can help protect B Site from across the map. 

Sage is one of the best agents in VALORANT that can stall or prevent enemies from pushing into a site or area. Her wall can significantly impede an attack, and her slow orb can leave enemies vulnerable and exposed. Knowing lineups for Sage’s slow orbs can help you become an effective player that controls the pace of the game from anywhere on the map. 

VALORANT player blackfish_black posted a short clip showing a useful lineup for the slow orb on Ascent. Sage players can stand in the corner of A Heaven and line up their throw with the clouds to send a slow orb soaring towards B Site. If done correctly, the orb will land in the walkway between B Main and B Site, creating a significant obstacle for attackers. 

Players can still push into B Site, but they’ll be substantially slower, giving defenders time to rotate or prepare for the attack. Crafty teams can combine this lineup with other abilities, like Killjoy’s grenades and turret, to damage or kill enemies before they reach the site. 

This lineup is slightly tricky since it requires lining up with a white cloud. Some crosshairs can be hard to see against this background, so consider your crosshair color before staring into the sky. Other players mentioned using the interface for reference, which can make it slightly easier to master.