VALORANT player builds Sova’s bow

Recon bolts might become a reality soon.

Screengrab via Riot Games

A VALORANT player created an impressive real-life version of Sova’s bow that functions similarly to its virtual counterpart. The bow doesn’t fire electronic blasts or recon arrows, but it’s a solid start. 

The fan 3D printed the core components of the bow and wired lighting effects to mimic the glowing features on Sova’s bow. The bow also deploys the same way Sova’s does in-game when equipped and two prongs fold out when the bow is held upright. 

The arrow itself appears to float with the help of fishing wire and magnets that hold it in place. The player also creatively used googly eyes painted black to mimic the rivets that are on the in-game bow. 

The bow’s creator explained that it took about a month to finish the bow and over 100 hours of print time. They recorded most of the creation process in an Imgur album, which shows the bow in action and a closer look at the wiring on the bow itself. 

Sova is a popular VALORANT agent who can provide his team with valuable intel and dish out damage when needed. His bow is slightly tricky to master, but a player who can effectively use it is a valuable teammate. 

The bow doesn’t fire real arrows, but it’s a solid prop that would be perfect for a full Sova cosplay. The bow’s creator made it clear they aren’t blonde and don’t have a glowing bionic eye, but there’s still time for them to change that.