VALORANT Patch 3.06 map changes target wall-bangable crates on Fracture, Icebox, Haven, Ascent, and Bind

Thank you, Riot.

Image via Riot Games

Planting the Spike in VALORANT is about to become a bit safer.

Riot released the Patch 3.06 notes today, which feature some key changes to five VALORANT maps, including Fracture, Icebox, Haven, Ascent, and Bind. Players should now have more protection when planting in a few default spots due to some sturdier crates.

The biggest change is easily to Icebox, where bullets will no longer penetrate the two-stack of crates on B site. As the default plant spot on B site, attackers would often get gunned down while trying to secure the objective. This made Viper and Sage utility a necessity when attacking Icebox’s B site. With the added protection, however, attackers will only have to worry about watching Snowman and Nest.

Similar changes were made to Fracture’s B site, Haven’s C site, and Bind’s A site, providing more cover for attackers planting in default positions. But defenders were slipped a little love on Ascent, with one of the crates on A site offering added protection.

VALORANT players should be able to test out the changes soon in today’s patch. New map Fracture is also slated to hit ranked queues later today.

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