VALORANT community calls for Cypher to get his hat back after using ultimate

"I feel naked without my hat."

Image via Riot Games

Hats off to Cypher for causing some controversy among VALORANT fans.

The VALORANT community joined forces today to give Cypher his hat back, imploring Riot to make the change “or else.” One hilarious post has garnered attention from fans who support the cause, either in jest or seriousness.

Screengrab via Riot Games

“When playing Cypher when I use my ult, I feel naked without my hat,” one fan said. “Riot should make it so you can pick back up the hat when walking over the body you used your ult on after your ultimate is done channeling.”

Cypher’s Neural Theft allows the agent to throw his hat on an enemy corpse, revealing the location of their living allies. But when the ultimate finishes casting, Cypher doesn’t get his hat back. Instead, he finishes the round with only his “chrome dome” showing, as one player lovingly put it.

While many players joked that this feature makes the game “unplayable,” some fans have legitimate arguments as to why it should be removed.

“I dislike fighting him without a hat because his ‘balaclava’ matches some backgrounds and I always expect to see the colour of his hat,” one claims.

Players expect to see Cypher’s bright white hat when encountering him. After casting Neural Theft, however, the agent’s head is difficult to identify amid some of the darker backgrounds. His dark grey headgear could easily blend in with most of Split, potentially causing a split-second of hesitation that can cost you the round.

One solution provided by the community would be for the hat to be thrown and then fly back on to his head afterwards.

While it’s unclear if Riot plans on changing the feature, the game’s still in closed beta. If VALORANT devs discover that Cypher’s missing hat adversely affects matchmaking, they’ll likely patch it out.