VALORANT Champions Tour Masters 2 Reykjavík: Scores, standings, schedule, and bracket

One team will stand on top of the VALORANT world.

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Two stages of global competition within the VALORANT Champions Tour has led to this: the first official international VALORANT LAN at VCT Masters Two Reykjavík. Months of open qualifiers and regional Challengers events have led to this first international clash in Iceland.

Ten teams make up a grueling double-elimination that will play out across an entire week. The biggest trove of rewards is up for grabs, with each team competing for $600,000, the largest VALORANT prize pool yet, as well as a massive haul of VCT circuit points. There will be no group stage or round robin, just a double-elimination bracket.

Teams from around the world have arrived in Reykjavík, Iceland for the honor of debuting international competition. There’s Sentinels and Version1 from North America, Team Liquid and Fnatic from Europe, Team Vikings and Sharks Esports from Brazil. Rounding out the group is NUTURN from Korea, Crazy Raccoon from Japan, X10 Esports from Southeast Asia, and KRU Esports from Latin America.

The action begins on May 24 at 10am CT (8am PDT, 3pm GMT). All matches will be available to watch on the official VALORANT Twitch channel.

Here are the scores, standings, schedule, and bracket for VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Two Reykjavík.


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Schedule and scores (times in CT)

Winners bracket play-in

Monday, May 24

Upper bracket round one (Quarterfinals)

Monday, May 24

  • NUTURN Gaming 2-1 YNG Sharks
    • SHK 13-5 Haven
    • NU 13-5 Bind
    • NU 13-5 Ascent

Tuesday, May 25

Lower bracket round one

Wednesday, May 26

Upper bracket round two (Semifinals)

Wednesday, May 26

Thursday, May 27

  • 10am CT: NUTURN 2-1 Version1
    • V1 13-3 Haven
    • NU 15-13 Ascent
    • NU 14-12 Split

Lower bracket round two

Thursday, May 27

  • Fnatic 2-0 X10 Esports
    • FNC 13-4 Icebox
    • FNC 13-9 Haven
  • 3pm CT: Team Liquid 2-0 KRU Esports
    • TL 13-2 Split
    • TL 13-9 Ascent

Lower bracket round three

Friday, May 28

  • Fnatic 2-0 Version1
    • FNC 14-12 Icebox
    • FNC 13-6 Ascent
  • Team Liquid 2-0 Team Vikings
    • TL 13-8 Ascent
    • TL 13-5 Haven

Upper bracket round three (Final)

Friday, May 28

  • 3pm CT: Sentinels 2-0 NUTURN Gaming
    • SEN 13-5 Bind
    • SEN 13-4 Haven

Lower bracket round four and final

Saturday, May 29

  • Fnatic 2-0 Team Liquid
    • FNC 13-10 Bind
    • FNC 13-10 Ascent
  • Fnatic 2-1 NUTURN
    • FNC 13-8 Bind
    • NUT 13-8 Ascent
    • FNC 13-8 Haven

Grand finals

Sunday, May 30

  • Sentinels 3-0 Fnatic
    • 14-12 Split
    • 16-14 Bind
    • 13-11 Haven


PlaceTeamPrize MoneyVCT Points
3rdNUTURN Gaming$80,000300
4thTeam Liquid$60,000250
5th/6thTeam Vikings$40,000200
7th/8thX10 Esports$25,000175
7th/8thKRÜ Esports$25,000175
9th/10thCrazy Raccoon$15,000150
9th/10thSharks Esports$15,000150

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