Riot unveils VCT Masters Reykjavík rulebook with $600K prize pool and bracket

Teams will fight for a piece of the cash prize and Circuit Points.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Riot Games has finally revealed the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík rulebook, prize pool, and tournament structure today.

The top 10 VALORANT teams in the world will face off in the Masters Reykjavík double-elimination tournament for their piece of a $600,000 prize pool over the course of a week. Each game will be a best-of-three series except the grand final, which will be a best-of-five series.

The Masters Seeding Draw consists of two draws that are both randomized. The first seeded teams from NA and EMEA were included in the first draw, and the remaining teams were included in the second. Fnatic will play KRU Esports and Version1 will play Crazy Racoon in the first two matches of the tournament. Team Vikings will face X10 Esports, and Ying Sharks will play NUTURN in round one of the upper bracket. Sentinels will play the winner of Fnatic vs. KRU, and Team Liquid will play the winner of V1 vs. Crazy Racoon.

Here is the schedule for the VCT Masters Reykjavik tournament:

Day one—Monday, May 24

  • Two play-in rounds and one upper round one match

Day two—Tuesday, May 25

  • Three upper round one matches

Day three—Wednesday, May 26

  • Two lower round one matches and one upper round (semis) match

Day four—Thursday, May 27

  • One upper round two match and two lower round two matches

Day five—Friday, May 28

  • Two lower round three matches and one upper final match

Day six—Saturday, May 29

  • One lower semi match and two lower final matches

Day seven—Sunday, May 30

  • Grand final

The Masters Two tournament features a $600,000 prize pool, and every team will earn a minimum of $15,000. Each team will also earn Circuit Points relative to their placing ranging from 400 points to 150 points. The prize money distribution is as follows:

First: $200,000.00
Second: $100,000.00
Third: $80,000.00
Fourth: $60,000.00
Fifth: $40,000.00
Sixth: $40,000.00
Seventh: $25,000.00
Eighth: $25,000.00
Ninth: $15,000.00
10th: $15,000.00

Masters Two will be played on Patch 2.09, which includes the slight nerf to Viper. But Breeze, the newest map in VALORANT, will not be played in Iceland in the “interest of competitive integrity.” VALORANT fans can find more information about the event in the VCT Masters Reykjavík in the official rulebook.

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