The VALORANT community doesn’t seem to be fond of the leaked cascading agent picking system

Instalocking days may be numbered.

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT community has had strong opinions about the cascading agent select system that Riot Games has been experimenting with.

VALORANT leaker ValorLeaks made a post updating the community on the status of the cascading agent select system. This experiment would function similar to Riot’s other title, League of Legends, where players pick in the order they are on the screen. The system, according to the leaks, would give each player 10 seconds to select an agent before moving down the line to the next player. 

The picking order would determine which player gets to choose an agent and allow each player to hover a secondary agent in case their first choice is already selected. But according to ValorLeaks, Riot has sent out surveys to players to get their direct feedback on the system in its current form. The new agent selection is still under development and not final as of yet. 

After hearing about the cascading agent select system being under development, the VALORANT community had harsh feedback to give. Several individuals raised valid questions about whether it would fix the issue of balanced comps and asked what would prevent people from trolling games if they didn’t get the agent they wanted. 

VALORANT implementing Cascade pick won’t do any good,” Twitter user Goedel said. “Unlike League where every role has more structure, this will just force players to throw if they don’t get their characters because the first 2 players lock duelists.”

“Can’t wait to 5th pick Yoru when we already have 2 duelists,” another user said. “Ppl think this is gonna fix team comps.”

The cascading agent select system remains in development and it’s unclear if or when it will officially make its way to VALORANT.