Riot unveils the snowy tundra of Icebox, VALORANT’s new map dropping in Act III


Image via Riot Games

Winter is coming.

Riot revealed a new VALORANT map today, which debuts with Act III next week. Icebox is a frozen tundra that incorporates metal shipping containers and ziplines to create a unique competitive experience.

Judging from the teaser, Icebox appears to have several choke points and tight angles. This should force players to tread carefully and check every corner.

Icebox is VALORANT‘s fifth map following Ascent, which was released during the tactical shooter’s official launch in June. While there are plenty of agents to choose from, players and pros wanted more map variety. This is especially important in competitive play since teams are liable to repeat maps in a best-of-five series.

VALORANT‘s Act III should kick off next week with a new battle pass and agent to spice things up.

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