Riot reveals VALORANT’s new Ion skin line collection

"Forged at the edge of darkness and revered for its power, humanity’s last hope is in your hands with Ion."

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games hasn’t missed a step when it comes to VALORANT‘s weapon skins—and this upcoming cosmetic line should impress many people. Named the Ion collection, this skin line is clean, futuristic, and ready to make you feel more powerful than ever before.

Players can pick up an Ion skin for the Bucky, Sheriff, Phantom, and Operator for 1,775 VP. As usual, there’s also a beautiful melee weapon that is available for purchase for 3,550 VP.You can get it for free if you buy the weapon bundle for 7,100 VP. The bundle also includes a new Ion gun buddy and an Ion player card.

“Ion was meant to be a very classic far-future sci-fi skin line with its clean white plastic exterior, high-end glass, blue glowing orb, and laser sounds,” VALORANT’s art lead Sean Marino said. “It’s a bright, hopeful sci-fi—rather than a post-apocalyptic, gritty one—and thus is both aesthetically-pleasing and technologically advanced.”

This art style reflects what the weapons would’ve looked like if VALORANT was built in a traditional, sci-fi space, according to Marino. The skin line was also inspired by industrial designers like Syd Mead and Daniel Simon, and the developers relied “heavily on clean lines, smooth edges, and neo-futurism.”

Here are all of the new Ion skins headed to the game:

The Ion skin collection will hit VALORANT’s live servers on Wednesday, Nov. 11.