Riot reveals more VALORANT gameplay for Viper

"Welcome to my world..."

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve been looking for your weekly fix of anything VALORANT, then today is your lucky day. Riot Games released a new gameplay video for one of the game’s agents, Viper, and it’ll definitely take your breath away.

The American toxins expert is seen in a one-vs-three situation and all of her abilities are shown off to great effect. First, she uses both her Poison Cloud ability to block off vision from an area on her left side, while cutting off vision on her right side with her Toxic Screen signature ability.

She takes down an enemy when her toxins run out and then activates her ultimate ability, Viper’s Pit. This emits a massive toxic cloud in a large area that remains as long as Viper stays within. Enemies inside the cloud are also highlighted for the player—this is shown near the end of the clip when Viper was able to kill the last player who was attempting to defuse the spike.

Based on the various clips that Riot has released, Viper seems to be a master of zone control. Both her Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen are perfect to help a team traverse an area undetected or can help a player disengage a fight gone awry. Her Snakebite ability can also be used to stifle rushes from an enemy team or force a player out of hiding.

Viper’s ultimate ability is great for protecting bombsites during retakes since it allows her to see people going through the cloud, while also limiting their medium to long range vision. At the same time, she can be great for defenders since she can block vision from the bomb to possibly sneak a defuse in.

Her kit looks useful for both attackers and defenders, which could make her a big pick when the game is released this summer.