Raze player turns death into clutch win during competitive VALORANT game

Sacrifices had to be made.

Image via Riot Games

Sometimes sacrifices are necessary to ensure victory for your team, but one VALORANT player took it to the next level, pulling off an impressive double kill clutch after being gunned down in a competitive match.

A Raze player was all that was left in this VALORANT highlight, attempting to defend the spike that had been planted on Breeze’s A Site.

The enemy Omen and Reyna knew exactly where the player was after they began defusing the spike, forcing Raze to spring into action.

It didn’t go very well, but right before being gunned down, Raze was able to throw her Paint Shells onto the site, hoping to take out the enemy player defusing the spike. This ability did one better, not only taking out the player defusing the Spike, but also the other enemy agent.

Raze’s kit is perfect for dueling, and she is one of the few agents in VALORANT with multiple abilities that can deal devastating damage to enemies. Even in this situation where the odds were stacked against her, her abilities were enough to pull through.

The lucky throw ultimately won the round for the team. While we don’t know exactly how the rest of the game played out, it looked to be off to a good start.