New VALORANT update fixes bugs on Icebox map

It looks like most of the problems have been addressed.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s newest map Icebox has gone through another round of fixes and Riot Games is looking to solve the last few issues in the next patch heading into finally getting it up on Ranked. 

It looks like a few smaller problems, including an audio glitch, are still present, but any of the game-breaking problems that were previously causing players to rage have seemingly been removed. 

“Thanks for bearing with us while we fix the issues with Icebox. We’ve squashed most of the serious bugs, but there are a few (including an audio glitch) that the next patch will fix,” Riot said. “Until then, you can still play on Icebox in Unrated, but, like always, be ready for anything.”

This comes after people found multiple exploits on the map, including another instance of Omen being able to teleport into unreachable areas to get free information about the opposing team. 

Icebox won’t be available in ranked queues until Oct. 27, which means that the developers still have a good runway to work with before the map needs to be completely bug-free. Riot even noted that players who are enjoying the map in Unrated should be ready for anything just in case something else goes wrong.