VALORANT player finds Omen exploit that lets you teleport under Icebox’s Kitchen

Not again.

Image via Riot Games

It didn’t take long for Omen to cause problems on VALORANT‘s newest map.

One VALORANT player showcased an exploit yesterday that allows the hooded agent to teleport under Icebox’s Kitchen. The glitch allows Omen to go outside the map unseen, while other agents remain visible. Dot Esports tested this bug and found similar results.

Replicating this exploit is easy. Simply use Omen’s ultimate, From the Shadows, on the triangular area between Kitchen and B Hut. This will teleport you right under Kitchen, letting you see into B spawn, all of mid, and the tight lane that leads to B site. After getting information, Omen can simply use Shrouded Step to teleport back into the map.

Aside from gathering information, it’s unclear what other advantages this exploit provides. Players might be able to kill enemies from under the map. But there are many thick walls that players can’t shoot through, making it difficult to wall bang.

Because this bug is game-breaking, Riot will likely fix it as soon as possible. But the exploit has caused little harm so far since Icebox won’t be available in ranked queues until Oct. 27, giving devs plenty of time to solve any hiccups.

This isn’t the first time Omen’s ultimate has caused problems for Riot devs. Players found that Omen could teleport inside of a loading crate on Haven and plant the Spike, making it impossible for enemies to defuse it. More recently, Omen was able to break through Bind’s spawn barriers before a round started and walk around.