VALORANT player discovers game-breaking Omen exploit that lets you break through Bind’s spawn barriers before round starts

Not again.

Image via Riot Games

Another day, another Omen bug.

A VALORANT fan figured out a game-breaking Omen bug that lets you escape Bind’s spawn barriers during the buy phase, posting their findings today. The player doesn’t “condone using this glitch in a competitive environment” and hopes it’ll get patched out soon.

To reproduce the exploit, players need to have an ally stand on top of Bind’s A short crates. When an Omen uses Shrouded Step to join their teammate on the boxes, their ally can “nudge them through” the spawn barrier. This lets them bypass the barrier completely before the round even begins.

This is clearly a game-breaking bug that can cause many problems in competitive play. An Omen can get a head start on positioning and surprise or flank the opposing team who wouldn’t expect to see an enemy there. And since it’s relatively easy to reproduce, it can become a nightmare for matchmaking.

This isn’t the first time Omen has caused problems in VALORANT. The mysterious agent was able to get outside the map in Split during the beta, help allies see enemies through smoke, and teleport inside Haven’s C site loading crate to plant the spike.

It’s unclear if the exploit is on Riot’s radar. But if it continues to be a problem, it’ll likely get hotfixed immediately.

Update Sept. 2 1:55pm CT: Riot is deploying a hotfix for this bug, according to the VALORANT Twitter. A fix for another Omen bug that made the agent invincible was already deployed last night.