VALORANT players discover Omen teleport exploit that allows teammates to see enemies through smoke

Not again.

Image via Riot Games

It appears Omen is once again causing trouble for Riot devs.

A VALORANT player showcased an Omen exploit last night that allows allies to see enemies through smoke.

Reproducing the bug is fairly simple. If players have an area smoked, an Omen can begin his Shrouded Step animation to teleport anywhere. Allies can then look through Omen’s body from where the animation starts and they should be able to spot unsuspecting enemies walking in the smoke.

The player reproducing the bug was able to snipe an enemy through Omen’s smoke before they knew what hit them.

Another player claimed to have discovered this bug “a while ago,” but had their post deleted by VALORANT subreddit mods.

It’s unclear if VALORANT devs are aware of the exploit yet. But it’ll likely be hotfixed immediately because it poses an unfair advantage and compromises one of the game’s basic principles—using utility abilities for cover.

This isn’t the first time Omen has been caught up in exploits, though. Omen players discovered they could use his ultimate to teleport inside the loading crate at Haven’s C site and plant the Spike during the closed beta, preventing enemies from defusing it. And more recently, players found out they could see through walls by switching Dark Cover modes.