NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) 2022: Schedule, bracket, scores

Last chance. Everything on the line.

Image via Riot Games

The final opportunity for one of eight remaining North American VALORANT teams to punch the last ticket to VCT Champions 2022 in Istanbul is here. The NA Last Chance Qualifier, or LCQ, will pit eight teams against each other in a double-elimination bracket with only one prize on the line: the third and final NA spot at Champions.

The pool of teams features the third through 10th ranked NA teams from this year’s VCT competition. The first and second ranked teams, OpTic and XSET, have already secured their spots at Champions. The double-elim bracket will seed the highest seeds against the lowest in the opening round.

Who will run the gauntlet all the way through the grand finals and reach VCT Champions at Istanbul?

Participating teams at the NA LCQ

Here are the eight teams that will compete at the NA LCQ, along with the complete player rosters and coaching staff for each one.

The teams in order of seeding are:

  • The Guard
  • FaZe Clan
  • NRG
  • Shopify Rebellion (former Luminosity)
  • Cloud9
  • 100 Thieves
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Sentinels

NA LCQ bracket

Here’s the full bracket for the NA LCQ.

Image grabbed from Liquipedia

All matches are best-of-three, except for the lower final and the grand final, which will be best-of-five.

Schedule and scores

The bracket will be played out on Thursday, Aug. 4 until Sunday, Aug. 7, then resumes on Thursday, Aug. 11 until Sunday, Aug. 14.

All times listed are in CT and subject to change or delays.

Aug. 4

  • 3pm CT: The Guard 2-1 Sentinels (SEN 15-13 on Breeze, The Guard 13-10 on Ascent, The Guard 15-13 on Icebox)
  • 6pm CT: FaZe 2-1 EG (EG 13-11 on Icebox, FaZe 15-13 on Breeze, FaZe 19-17 on Ascent)

Aug. 5

  • 3pm CT: 100T 2-1 NRG (NRG 13-11 on Icebox, 100T 13-7 on Bind, 100T 13-9 on Ascent)
  • 6pm CT: C9 2-0 Shopify (C9 13-10 on Ascent, C9 17-15 on Fracture)

Aug. 6

Aug. 7

  • 3pm CT: FaZe 2-1 100T (FaZe 13-6 on Haven, 100T 13-8 on Breeze, FaZe 13-9 on Ascent)
  • 6pm CT: NRG 2-0 EG (NRG 13-6 on Haven, NRG 14-12 on Icebox)

Aug. 11

  • 3pm CT: Sentinels vs. 100T (Lower bracket round two)
  • 6pm CT: C9 vs. NRG (Lower bracket round two)

Aug. 12

  • 3pm CT: The Guard vs. FaZe (Upper bracket final)
  • 6pm CT: Lower bracket semifinal

Aug. 13

  • 3pm CT: Lower bracket final (best of five)

Aug. 14

  • 3pm CT: Grand final (best of five)