Will vs TenZ battle ends with disappointment for Sentinels, whose VALORANT season hits end of the line

Sentinels are done for the year.

Image via Riot Games

Shroud brought the VALORANT viewers, but couldn’t help bring Sentinels to Champions. Two all-elite teams battled it out during a knockout match of VCT Last Chance Qualifiers today and Sentinels had their dreams of reaching Champions slashed after their loss to 100 Thieves.

The match was a tense one. The maps were neck-in-neck for at least half of each one, and the score line reflected the tug-of-war the two teams played throughout the match.

Between TenZ hitting some incredibly precise shots and William “Will” Cheng refusing to be anything other than a chaotic Jett, the match was entertaining no matter which side fans were rooting for.

In the end, the match ended with the Sentinels out of VCT competition for the rest of the year.

Sentinels showed tremendous mental endurance since they pulled off a come-from-behind victory over 100T on Fracture, but lost it by the time they got halfway through Breeze. 100T ended up taking the second map after fighting back and forth with Sentinels, and then gave up a convincing lead in the third map.

Not only did 100T give up a decent lead, but they also gave up what should have been an easy finish to one of the rounds towards the end of Haven. Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro, with only one health, faced Brenden “stellar” McGrath and Derrek Ha, who were far healthier than Zellsis. They played chicken around one of the crates on C until stellar and Derrek managed to line themselves up perfectly for Zellsis to kill them at the same time with the same bullet.

It wasn’t enough though, in the end.

Sentinels lost the map 13-11, and 100T will go on to face the winner of the Cloud9 vs. NRG match in the lower bracket. They will need to win that game and the next one after that in order to get to the grand final for their shot at Champions.