VALORANT’s new Magepunk collection includes skins for Ghost, Spectre, Bucky, Marshal, and melee

Magic and steampunk join forces with VALORANT's latest skin line.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s latest skin line looks like it’s straight out of BioShock Infinite.

Magepunk, “crafted during the Neo Victorian Magical Industrial Revolution,” combines old weapons with technology in the modern world, melding retro elements with themes from the not-so-distant future. 

The skins, which are expected to go live in the store on Thursday, April 1, cost a combined 6,734 VP (over $70) for the entire bundle, which includes cosmetics for the Ghost, Spectre, Bucky, Marshal, Electroblade melee, and a card, spray, and buddy. 

Individually, the guns skins cost 1,775 VP, which comes in at just over $10. And the melee skin costs 3650 VP.

The skins also include a series of upgrades. The Electroblade melee can be upgraded with Radianite Points to have a unique model, custom equip animation and electric swipes, and green, purple, or orange visual effects. And upgrading the guns gives them a custom muzzle flash and firing sound, a special animation, and a finisher and kill banner.

The goal of designing Magepunk, according to Riot, was to make the skins feel like they came from a different world “than you typically see with steampunk.” The collection comes with a backstory and a technology source, where instead of electricity being discovered at the turn of the century, “it was magic.”

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