How to play Snowball Fight in VALORANT

Oi, who threw that?

Image via Riot Games

Snowball Fight in VALORANT made its debut last year, and it looks like it’s turning into a tradition.

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for developers to bring the season’s greetings to their game. The limited-time game mode is now live again, and players can enjoy throwing snowballs at each other in a five vs. five format. In addition to snowball fights, players can also ice-skate around Icebox and open thematic gifts.

During a Snowball Fight, players won’t be able to use their agent’s abilities, and they’ll only have access to a Snowball Launcher from the beginning of a match. A Snowball hit results in a one-shot-kill, meaning players will need to be quick on their feet to stay alive.

Players will need to select it as a game mode and queue for Snowball Fight, as they do for ranked and regular matches.

Once you load into a Snowball Fight, you’ll need to get familiar with four mechanics. There are different snowball types, and each can be used in different situations.

  • Growballs
    • These Snowballs grow larger as they travel in the air, increasing their area of impact.
  • Rapid Fire
    • Rapid Fire allows players to shoot multiple Snowballs in a short time.
  • Ricochet
    • Ricochet allows Snowballs to bounce off grounds and walls.
  • Skates
    • Skates increase players’ movement speed and the maximum jump height.

Completing a Snowball Fight match rewards players with 750 XP. There’s a 150 XP bonus for winners, so the maximum XP you can get from a Snowball match is 900.

During this time of the year, players will also be able to grab seasonal skins through various challenges and the in-game shop. These cosmetics don’t come back for a year, and only some of them make it back the following year—so don’t miss out on the ones you like.